Do you know your heart is who?

However, there are limits to these rules. “The problem is faces don’t fit into a neat category,“ says Fraser Laing. “Those rules would never put Kurt Cobain in chunky white oval frames but it works because of the clash and his personality.” cheap  cheap  ray bans The best sunglasses are often ones that shouldn’t work but look great somehow, and the only way to find out is to try on lots of different shapes and colours.
The original thick-framed Wayfarers should – strictly speaking – be bought from only one brand: Ray-Ban. Its wayfarers come in two different sizes (regular or oversized),ray ban sunglasses outlet so it’s wise to try before you buy in order to secure the perfect fit.
The Muscat-based company donates 10% of all profits to charities specializing in optical issues, like those that support eye corrective surgeries.


Ali, who worked at an oil company in Saudi Arabia for four and a half years before moving back to Oman, came up with the idea upon his return.ray ban outlet store locations The engineer teamed up with his best friend, Ibrahim Abdullah, to design and create the floating sunglasses, funding the initial manufacturing from both men’s savings accounts.
Similarly to other designer sunglasses, which feature the label written on the arm of the glasses, all of Kashma’s styles feature an engraving of Kashmah in Arabic on both arms of the glasses.If you’re investing in something that’s more current than classic,ray ban sunglasses cheap then it’s also worth shelling out for a more wearable pair that’ll not only work now for more buttoned-up environments and events, but also won’t date as quickly. Think timeless silhouettes – aviators, wayfarers, clubmasters, etc. – in black, tortoiseshell or woodgrain finishes.

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